About Me

"She's trying to build herself up, her goals involve adding value to other peoples life because she is a woman of passion! She's kind, she's tough but don't take her for granted as nobody is built like her...Her goal is to exude love and to give it to every human being that she encounters...She's creative, loving, fragile but she's also a rock!"

My name is Serena Weithers, I'm a Cancerian/Leo cusp goddess who's life purpose involves guiding you to becoming all that you desire.

SoulSelfCentered.com was created out of my passion to encourage women to put themselves first...We live in a time where being selfish about self care and catering to our personal needs is frowned upon. As we put our SoulSelf front & Centered within our lives we embark on creating a catalyst that will undoubtedly transform the quality of our lives.

I intend on helping you achieve this and so much more by posting articles that are authentic in understanding as well as sincere in spirit!

Welcome to SoulSelfCentered! :0)