Girlfriend #2



Dear Serena,

I am part of a group of girlfriends; recently it has transpired that girlfriend #2 has caught wind that the boyfriend of girlfriend #1 

has been cheating on her with an harem of women. 

However, she insists that we should not tell her; I feel very uncomfortable about not informing girlfriend #1 about her boyfriends dishonesty especially since she has cried to all of us that she suspects something.


I have expressed my feelings to the other two members of the group and they have chastised me for wanting to reveal this information to our friend. 

The reason for keeping this information quiet is that they want no part of the scandal. 

Regardless of their motives for withholding this type of information, I feel awful. 

It has been over 6 months.

What should I do?






With friends like these who needs enemies?

My heart goes out to you as it appears that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you continue to withhold this crucial information then your choosing to partake in being deceptive & dishonest to your friend. 

However your admission will leave the other members of the group feeling betrayed thus proving your disloyalty.

In predicaments like these I believe that it is always best to go with the gut instinct as there will be no easy resolution to this quandary. 


Ask yourself a few questions....

Is withholding this type of sensitive information the right thing to do?

Why are you feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation?

How would you feel if your closest friends did this to you?

Could they do this to you?

Are these the type of characteristics that you value in your friendships?


Put yourself in your girlfriends shoes, how would it feel if you discovered that your boyfriend had been cheating on you; ALL your friends knew for over half a year but refrained from telling you as they didn’t want to get involved! 


Im not one for telling people what to do but...if it were me I would tell Girlfriend #1 and ditch the other two; as they’re not real friends at all. You will be doing yourself a kindness in the long run, trust me! 

As the great Dr. Maya Angelo says: 

“When something shows you who they are...believe them”


Thank the Universe for revealing the true nature of your so-called friends & keep it moving. 


As for Girlfriend #1 she may choose to terminate her friendship with you as you kept this secret for a long time. 

If she does, take comfort that you eventually did the right thing. 


Take it as a lesson learned!


© Serena Weithers, 2015

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