Now I’m not against anyone making their coins but appointing Jaden Smith, a young male, to be the face of womenswear for popular fashion designer Louis Vuitton is absolutely ludicrous!


Reason being that women cannot physically identify with the body image of a young 17 year old boy.






The best-selling erotic romance novel that blew the minds of millions has finally arrived in UK cinema’s across the country in time for Valentine’s day.

The long awaited, highly anticipated movie ’50 shades of Gray’ was released on February 13th 2015.

Like most individuals I was extremely excited to see Universal Pictures interpretation of the popular narrative.


I personally enjoyed the first installment of the prominent trilogy, although I found some parts of the plot immensely ‘knight in shining armour-ish’ for my distinct taste.

Nevertheless, I was seduced by the idea of becoming involved with an  extremely attractive alpha male to experience a supremely magnetic, sexually charged romantic relationship. 

(Remember ladies, energy goes, where attention flows!)



When wind got round that there was an internet petition initiated by African-American Jasmine Toliver for 2 year old Blue Ivy; the majority of the black community were outraged.

Toliver, created the online petition on, which served as a catalyst for the debate over Blues natural hair texture and style.


As a natural sister myself I absolutely adore the natural kinks and curls of Blue Ivy’s hair. 

I also admire the courage of her parents Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter & Beyonce Knowles-Carter for opposing against society’s expectations by allowing Blue’s hair to grow freely in its natural state.