Unrequited Love & The Gifts It Brings...








I’ma give it to you straight no chaser.... The experience of Unrequited love hurts like a Motherf%$^er!

Unrequited love will grab you by the balls/lady balls with a grip that will leave you screaming to the heavens for help!


Unbeknownst to the majority of us this is actually a good thing.

Wait up, hold a minute! Give me a second to explain before you bombard me with the proverbial side eye stares and kissing of teeth.


What we fail to understand is that ultimately, the individuals along with the type of relationships we attract have everything to do with us and our emotional state.


This is where the sliver lining come in.....

If we are unknowingly carrying around destructive concepts of self this will be mirrored to us in the relationship we attract.


An example of this would be where you long for the reciprocated affections of a particular man/woman. This desire is either slow to materialise or non-existent in its fruition. 

Although the situation is extremely painful you choose to remain within the circumstances causing yourself to feel increased/intensified emotions of rejection, neglect, insecurity and heartbreak.  

Unrequited love can alert us to the fact that we are unconsciously re-creating the devastating dynamics of our childhood, adolescence or even an unresolved experience within our early adulthood. 


More then likely those who are attracted to a relationship where theres needs are not met are in actuality attempting to ‘fix‘ the drama of the past.

An emotionally/physically unavailable parent is often the root cause for us as adults to unconsciously seek out emotionally unavailable partners in life. 

We attempt to gain the love and validation from our partners that we failed to receive as children from our loved ones.




Along with Co-dependancy, low self-esteem can also be a factor that acts as a magnet for attracting unrequited love. 

When we transport beliefs of unworthiness within our being we experience lots to feel unworthy about as the Universe is a feeling based Universe, we get what we believe or ‘feel’ is true.


Yet again this is a gift! If we find ourselves in a predicament where we are attracting relationships that do not validate us then it is a message from the Creator that we could choose to resolve our convictions of unworthiness by purposely selecting a belief about ourselves that make us feel good. 


Unrequited love is a gift from the Universe that notifies us to the negative beliefs that we are carrying, it stands as a warning that we are unconsciously creating our experiences from unfavourable concepts that may/may not be hidden from the forefront of our conscious minds.

We are being enlightened to the realisation that we have work to do! Self reflection and introspection are advised as well as deeds that involve the loving and nurturing of self. It’s time to take your power back and stop giving it away to someone who will never complete or endorse you, thats YOUR job, so stop expecting your lover or your loved ones to give you that which you can NOW give yourself. 


Use your God-given power to transmute the energy of rejection into liberation. 

There is no shame in being at the crappy end of an unrequited love, especially when you take the lessons learned and allow them to metamorphose the relationship you have with yourself.

Once you genuinely love yourself, flaws an all; the Universe will ensure that you attract relationships to mirror this love back to you. 


Just imagine how good this will feel?



© Serena Weithers, 2015

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