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Crying is cathartic, it provides the individual with psychological relief as well as many other benefits. 


In today’s society we are expected to be in full control of ourselves at all times, this grows old real quick as its not a healthy expectation to place upon ourselves. 

Its acceptable to cry at a funeral or a world disaster but frowned upon if feeling fatigued, betrayed, heartbroken or futile.






Serena’s Old definition of Self Care: Eat healthily, exercise regularly, weekly messages along with sipping on Vita Coco’s Coconut water. ;0)

So you can imagine my disarray when I started to loose energy and experience serve burnout. 


Self care is a serious ting! (My best Jamaican voice) It really is no joke as if we neglect to nurture our bodies and minds correctly we will ultimately burn out, accelerate aging & possibly bring about our own demise.

We must be mindful of our bodies messages, I used to habitually ignore my body’s message to rest as I allowed ambition & aspiration to consume me...well, that was until it dawned upon me that I could not rest and I don’t mean ‘ oh I’m over tired’ kinda can’t rest but more like adrenal & kidney burnout cannot rest! 






















As women we pride ourselves on snatching our edges, beating our faces and clinching our waists....we are Goddesses after all (smiles sweetly). 

However, what happens when the hair products, make-up cosmetics and corsets fail to keep us feeling pretty?

Scream, shout and do our Kim Kardashian ugly cry, that’s what!