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Why should I read this blog?

SoulSelfCentered is the bomb.com! We write articles to enlighten & stimulate thought. Here at SSC we believe that thoughts are magical as they initiate the process of manifestation (the things we experience in life). Our content is saturated with positivity and love in order to keep your thoughts/emotions elevated during times of stress & challenge. So if your man is mistreating you...we got you! Jeans getting a little tight and your no longer feeling yourself...we got you! Or maybe you just need a little encouragement to achieve your goals...girl what did I just say? WE GOT YOU! :0) SoulSelfCentered.com is a lifestyle blog that aims to assist you in the assembly of your life. We aspire to serve you by creating content that centers & uplifts your soulself as we believe that's a great place to start...

  • Seeing Green! What Your Jealousy Is Trying To Tell You…


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  • No Means No!….Or does It?

    Take a moment to think & honestly answer the questions that I’m about to ask you. When asked to perform

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  • Don't Sell Yourself Out!

    Lets just keep things one hunnid from the start! We all like fancy things, cars, houses, clothes & jewellery…I mean

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  • F*%k Buddies...F#@k No! Why Friends with benefits is damaging...

    Many of us are either ignorant too or dismissive of the transformational powers of sex. Sex is powerful, its spiritual,

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  • When Is Enough Gonna Be Enough?

    The phone goes to voicemail when you ring… He says he’s coming round to spend quality time with you but

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