When you think he cheating…ask for help!


When your about to go to jail for hurting somebody (proverbially speaking of course ;0)…ask for help!


If your moneys lowASK FOR HELP!









If your anything like me then you like to do things in your own sweet time...Only to then start running around like a headless chicken cussing badword! 


Arriving at your destination sweaty, smelly or unprepared to maximise the days potential is not only distressing but unnecessary. 

Your a free spirit you say...a time-optimist...I get it girlfriend believe me I do...But committing to this way of thinking is only gonna get you nowhere or somewhere very slow at best.



Everyone has a perspective, an idea of what they believe to be moral. 

Its also the individual’s prerogative as to whether or not they choose to express this perspective...well I do!...And may God help anyone who try’s to poo poo on my parade! 

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