Love Your Looks!






















As women we pride ourselves on snatching our edges, beating our faces and clinching our waists....we are Goddesses after all (smiles sweetly). 

However, what happens when the hair products, make-up cosmetics and corsets fail to keep us feeling pretty?

Scream, shout and do our Kim Kardashian ugly cry, that’s what!










Despite this, we should all endeavour to create a solid foundation of self love & appreciation that will keep us feeling beautiful, sexy and...  (she says while clicking her fingers) flat out fabulous! 

It does not matter how much exercise we do, how much water we drink or how reputable our vitamins are; as feeling pretty comes from how we feel about ourselves.

Recognising the beauty in the mirror can be challenging at times, however with a simple shift in mental attitude, I assure you that it will get easier with time.

Investing in your beauty not only means being mindful of the things that you put into your physical body but also how you choose to feed your soul. 

Taking the time to affirm our self-love and acceptance of the beauty we posses in this moment, is one of the most loving things we could do for ourselves. 

That means letting go of how you used to look (the skinnier or younger version of yourself) and becoming receptive to the beauty that you are today.

Affirm your self-worth along with your self-confidence and you will begin to increase your self-esteem (which is extremely sexy).


I still recommend the classic methods of enhancing your pretty by drinking sufficient amounts water, getting adequate rest, eating healthy foods along with partaking in regular exercise; However these beauty rituals primarily focus on demonstrating your appreciation of self physically.

Taking the time to feed your spirit with kind, loving, uplifting words is imperative as this is where your external glow truly originates.


The popular catchphrase ‘when we feel good, we look good’ contains a truth that cannot be denied. 

Feeling good ultimately arrives from taking the time to appreciate and marvel at the beauty that you unquestionably are; along with cultivating your belief that you are a creature unlike any other! (Nudge nudge, wink wink to all my Rules girls out there).


I encourage you all to love the skin your in despite your bingo wings, broad nose, oversized/undersized lips, problematic skin (acne, eczema, too light, too dark) or non-existent boobs/booty. 


You are a divine manifestation of Gods handiwork, rejoice in your natural beauty! ;0)





© Serena Weithers, 2015 


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