Hair-raisingly disappointed!



When wind got round that there was an internet petition initiated by African-American Jasmine Toliver for 2 year old Blue Ivy; the majority of the black community were outraged.

Toliver, created the online petition on, which served as a catalyst for the debate over Blues natural hair texture and style.


As a natural sister myself I absolutely adore the natural kinks and curls of Blue Ivy’s hair. 

I also admire the courage of her parents Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter & Beyonce Knowles-Carter for opposing against society’s expectations by allowing Blue’s hair to grow freely in its natural state.


Peep some of the comments from the petition below...




As far as I am concerned, this petition is wrong on so many levels! 


First and foremost, Blue Ivy is a child of only 2 years...

Secondly, she is a child that Jasmine Toliver and her supporters did not give birth too; with that in mind, don’t we have our own children/young people to nurture and attend too?

And thirdly, haven’t we evolved through our oppressors indoctrination of kinky= unruly, unsightly or unattractive?


I’m so over the public displays of self-hate and separation within the community, its borderline embarrassing!

What message are we sending out to the rest of the world when we take our precious time to create or co-signing garbage such as ‘Comb Blue Ivy’s hair’? Take a moment to think about it.


More recently, on popular cable television channel BET (Black Entertainment Television) guest host Karrueche Tran vocalised an indecent comment yet again on the texture/style of Blue Ivy’s hair on music programme 106 & Park.



I just don’t get it...Whats up with people today? Have we forgotten that publicly degrading a child is bottom of the barrel low! I’m also baffled at the irony of a cultural celebratory Black television channel poking fun at natural black hair...Like WTF? Really! 

Isn’t it enough that we have to fight against the misconceptions of black hair being inferior to our non-black counterparts while conducting our daily lives. 


Global corporations such as BET who have chosen to honour our unique individuality and heritage have an added responsibility to be careful not to tarnish our identity or community.

Nevertheless, it’s time for us to stop giving our power away by disowning our kinky roots and breathing life into our oppressors degenerate teachings.

Now is the time for us to begin re-claiming our personal power by embracing our distinctive God-given beauty. 


As for Ms. Toliver who claims that her petition was created just for laughs; and the script writer at BET,can both go kick rocks or take several seats somewhere because the fact of the matter is ain’t nobody got time for that!



What do y’all think?


© Serena Weithers, 2015

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