Sly Industry Turning Women Into Men!




Now I’m not against anyone making their coins but appointing Jaden Smith, a young male, to be the face of womenswear for popular fashion designer Louis Vuitton is absolutely ludicrous!


Reason being that women cannot physically identify with the body image of a young 17 year old boy.


I understand that the ‘powers that be’ of the fashion world believe that pushing genderless fashion is forward thinking & edgy; however I’m more concerned about the mental impression this message imprints on the minds of media influenced women as well as teenage girls.


Women have already conformed to the image of the prepubescent boy, sporting flat chests, thigh gaps & curve less mid-drifts. This is due to the effect of the homosexual dominated fashion world pushing their perception of woman's beauty onto society.


Women are slowly being de-feminized, they are fat shamed for donning the image of a healthy curvaceous female.

Heterosexual men love the breasts, bums & curves of a women. They adore the softness of our bodies, hence the rise in popular media figure Kim Kardashian; as well as the sustained popularity of music icons Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.



So why not get a healthy feminine female to be the focus of a womenswear campaign?


The fashion world is rife with discrimination; the blatant lack of Black, Asian or Indian models is abysmal along with the lack of ‘normal’ looking women walking the runway. 

Women are forced to seek out plus sized models to relate with, although many of us don't like the idea of being ‘plus sized’. 

This contributes to the excessive use of diets, exercise and index fingers in order to attempt to achieve the image on the billboards and in the magazines.


Loving the image we see in the mirror is challenging when your inundated with inaccurate representations of real feminine beauty.


Having a teenage boy market clothes for us is insulting and idiotic, we cannot relate to having a penis, broad shoulders and protruding adams apples unless we’ve changed our name to Caitlyn Jenner!





Ladies, do not be fooled by society’s attempts to covertly persuade you to hate yourself; the journey towards imitating the feminine man is a hard, torturous one, which results in a unsightly gaunt appearance.


Love your curves, stretch marks, ample breasts and bottoms as thats what appeals to heterosexual men - the men you want to attract! 


And ignore the foolery of the fashion industry.





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