Don't Sell Yourself Out!






Lets just keep things one hunnid from the start!  

We all like fancy things, cars, houses, clothes & jewellery…I mean who doesn’t right?

And I’m not saying that there is anything wrong from wanting to acquire these things…What I will say is “How far are you willing to go to get them?” 

“What are you prepared to do?”

“What are you willing to put up with?” 



Take a moment to seriously consider these questions as life will present to you circumstances that will test your moral code & judgement. 


I’ve seen people trade their peace of mind for pound-coins or their dignity for dollar bills & it always ends in disaster. 


The individual who sells their soul for money or material acquisition usually ends up feeling displeased, especially if the person who has given them the wherewithal uses this actuality to manipulate, dominate and oppress. 


When incarcerated in a situation like this we give our power away and subject ourselves to the possibility of eroding our self-esteem & confidence.

These qualities are of immeasurable worth as they possess the ability to transform the most dire of situations, as well as to propel us to achieve our wildest dreams.


Don't EVER sell yourself out for a bit of money (no matter how large the sum) or for a car or some nice clothes. Don't even do it for a perceived short period of time as once you've swapped your dignity for material possession it becomes easier to turn an eye away to your own destruction.




 Always remember your worth! You are not cheap…Your priceless!!! 




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