No Crying Allowed…Why Crying Is Good For You!






Crying is cathartic, it provides the individual with psychological relief as well as many other benefits. 


In today’s society we are expected to be in full control of ourselves at all times, this grows old real quick as its not a healthy expectation to place upon ourselves. 

Its acceptable to cry at a funeral or a world disaster but frowned upon if feeling fatigued, betrayed, heartbroken or futile.


Most of us associate crying with being a ‘weak bish’ or a waste of our time; so allow me to clarify this for you…Only the strong allow their e-motions (energy in motion) to flow naturally without any second thoughts on how they will be perceived. These types of individuals do not question their content of character, strength or courage as they intrinsically know that part of the process of living is coping with strong emotions.

Many self-assertive, tough, compelling women attempt to elude the act of crying which is a very powerful act of kindness to oneself. Crying is healing, its transformative, it allows the emotion of anger/ sadness to move freely through your body without obstacle.

This is important as emotions are ch’i - energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another. 


So when one chooses to oppress the emotion to cry they are in-fact undertaking a dis- service to themselves. Stagnant emotions are known to create dis-ease within the body, the favourite being cancer or mental illness.


Crying is natural, its our body’s way of coping with both panic & stress; our tears contain stress hormones that when wiped away release tension within the body. Crying serves as a healthy way to rebalance the body & soul. 


So next time you feel the urge, go ahead, have a good cry! 











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