Self Care Is A Necessity Not A Luxury!






Serena’s Old definition of Self Care: Eat healthily, exercise regularly, weekly messages along with sipping on Vita Coco’s Coconut water. ;0)

So you can imagine my disarray when I started to loose energy and experience serve burnout. 


Self care is a serious ting! (My best Jamaican voice) It really is no joke as if we neglect to nurture our bodies and minds correctly we will ultimately burn out, accelerate aging & possibly bring about our own demise.

We must be mindful of our bodies messages, I used to habitually ignore my body’s message to rest as I allowed ambition & aspiration to consume me...well, that was until it dawned upon me that I could not rest and I don’t mean ‘ oh I’m over tired’ kinda can’t rest but more like adrenal & kidney burnout cannot rest! 


Don’t be hard of hearing by ignoring your primal needs as like me, you will eventually suffer.

The mind and body work best when synchronised, therefore it is not just a case of eating, exercising and sleeping well but more of incorporating these practices into a lifestyle that also protects you from people, places and things that will inevitably drain your life force.


That mouthwateringly sexy but strenuous man; popular but burdensome friend, lucrative job or much needed ciga-weed/cigarette all need to GO! 

If it draws on your essence there & then or over time, I strongly advise that you to rethink your actions. Believe me when I say its no joke when your life begins to stagnant due to low dilapidated energy.

And if you happen to be a Libra, Leo, Taurus or Aries then you’ll just die when the effects of lack of self care begins to imprint itself on your face/body! (Clutches pearls :0)


Unfortunately, self care is not just about manis and pedis, exercise or raw veganism. 

Its about consistently listening to your bodies messages, its about protecting your life force and having the courage to remove yourself from environments or habits that drain your chi...Its about learning to love and value yourself by putting all your needs first.




Without health there is no wealth, there are no opportunities for success, there is no golden life!...You cannot fully enjoy riches or relationships when unbalanced or ill. 

So having said all that my new definition of self care is as follows:


Serena’s New definition of Self Care 


1-Listen to & honour your body’s messages

2-Consume nutritious food & hydrating fluids 

(water, raw juice, coconut water ;0)

4-Sleep well!

3-Manis & Pedis (Obviously ;0)

4-Weekly massages (Duh!)

5-Read motivational/inspirational material daily

6-Pay attention to the company you keep!

Be aware of your bodies reactions to people/places (Do you begin to sweat? Do you dread going somewhere in particular? Are you drained after conversing with Ray-Ray or Khoo-Khoo?)


Remember that you must put yourself first as it’s no one else's responsibility to look after you...thats your job! 

When you take excellent care of yourself, you put yourself in a position to better take care of others....


Start today Beloved! ;0)






 © Serena Weithers, 2015