F*%k Buddies...F#@k No! Why Friends with benefits is damaging...





Many of us are either ignorant too or dismissive of the transformational powers of sex.

Sex is powerful, its spiritual, Its primal essence is to create, however that which we choose to produce with this electrifying energy can potentially impair our spirits.



Sexual energy is a creative force within the universe as all things that are alive (yes including plants) are created with sexual energy. In this manner it expresses itself biologically, however in human beings sexual energy can creatively present itself in all forms; physical, emotional and spiritual.


Sex unites the flesh and spirit!


This means that we cannot afford to become lackadaisical during selection or blasé in the volume of partners we choose to engage with sexually.


How many of us know someone or have personally been a victim to a FWBR?

It doesn’t look good as a bystander nor feel good as a willing participant. (Notice I said willing - meaning its your choice to partake in this foolishness!)

I should know I’ve seen an adequate number of my friends create this particular type of relationship as well as unintentionally generate my own.

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Now lets be honest, woman to woman, you cant really feel good about settling for a non-comital relationship? 

A relationship where your partners primary interest is your body and how it can gratify him/her sexually. 

Spontaneous phone calls/text messages that arrive at your partners convenience is soul destroying and destructive to self esteem. Being given the cold shoulder or heave hoe when he/she is finished with you is not great for self worth.

I don’t care how good the d*%k is or how she work her tongue, ultimately you devalue yourself when you agree to settle, so don’t!



You deserve better than a destructive, disfunctional relationship such as the FWBR; you deserve to experience a relationship that is loving, caring as well as passionate!

You are entitled to experience commitment where your partner values your spirit as well as your body and does his/her’s best to take care of you. 


Anything else is bulls*%t!


© Serena Weithers, 2015



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