When Is Enough Gonna Be Enough?






The phone goes to voicemail when you ring…

He says he’s coming round to spend quality time with you but is a no show…

You are constantly having to talk to him regarding your hurt feelings…

You keep quiet to avoid ‘another’ argument…

He says that he loves you but doesn't want to commit…

He says he’s committed to you but hasn't introduced you to his family or friends…

You discover he’s having sex with someone else, yet you continue to share your body with him…


Ladies, I ask you…When is enough gonna be enough?




I understand that you are attached to him, that he’s the one you want but if he is not treating you according to your standards, why linger in a union thats not actually unified. 

A man’s treatment of you coincides with how you view yourself. 

If you find yourself in a situation for an extended period of time that is unsatisfactory then I'm here to alert you to the realisation that your self-esteem is substandard.


The moment your desire to be with this man over-rules your self worth you are in trouble! Like a shark smells blood, you will become victim to poor behaviour, infidelity and mis-treatment. 




Crying your heart out on a continuous basis is a big ole red flag indicating that whatever drama you are going through is enough!


If he doesn’t want to ‘really’ be your man and refuses to commit then its enough!


You find a used condom or another women reaches out to gain insight on ‘who you are’…its enough!


He does’t make the effort…Its ENOUGH!




Know your worth.

Know when to walk away.

But most importantly know when enough is enough.


Walking away affords you the opportunity to work on building your self-esteem. Establish what it is that you really want & to allow these experiences to come to you. 

If not, you are agreeing/participating in treating yourself like dirt; don’t do that…you are worth so much more…but if you don’t believe that, you can’t blame him for not knowing it either.





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