When You Feel You Can’t Go On...




Ugggggh! I fucking hate my life sometimes! Why, does it have to be soooo fucking hard at times!

Just when things appear to be moving nicely, it seems as if the rug gets pulled from beneath my feet.

Sometimes I feel as if I can’t go on, I want to quit and find a corner somewhere to die. (Apparently I’m a drama Queen! ;0)

Overwhelmed by my unfulfilled desires, fears and God knows what else; occasionally I just want to pull my wig off and throw my hands up in the air as if Im throwing up gang signs.


Have you ever felt the same? Can you relate to my pain? How do you deal with life’s shenanigans?


I’ll tell you how I now deal with the sporadic horror story that is my life?

When things begin to become unbearable I’ve learnt to do NOTHING! (Well...after I’ve had my rant & rave, that is ;0)






I’m learning to take a seat to breath, to lay down and think. 


Essentially, what Im doing is meditating, my body is relaxed as my mind and soul begin to communicate. 

Thats when the magic happens! 

Peace of mind, solutions as well as a widescreen, HD, recap of where it all what went wrong.


I’m not gonna front to you and say that meditation fixes all but it is a damn good place to start as it sets a precedent on how to change the impossible to possible.


Most of our life’s circumstances are based on our choices. A hard pill to swallow but the truth nevertheless. 

Therefore we have to take responsibility for how we handle the hand that life’s deals.

Dying in a corner whether spiritually or physically is NERVER an option, Your not gonna be life’s bitch! 

As hard as it is, we have to make the journey back from hell to heaven, no matter how long or arduous!


You can do it...your not alone...I’m on the same path beside you...





© Serena Weithers, 2015

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