The Pain & Lesson’s Of Re-Occurring Drama

Theres nothing more painful than the agony and torture of a re-occurring lesson. The man who continues to attract debt despite his grandiose earning potential or the woman who grumbles about her martial status; in spite of evading an innumerable amount of emotionally available men. Cycles, themes or lessons can be easily overlooked until they come around again like a slap up side your head. The sting of the clout used to make me cry out in despair! Life wasn’t fair, my mother was the devil that wore Zara, time was running out for my life to come together and if only my creative endeavors would become successful then I would finally be happy and free of drama.

When a lesson or theme transpires within your life AGAIN, its usually because you have missed some crucial detail needed to elevate your spirit and super charge your life. Re-occurring themes are like cheats in a video game, hard to figure out but once mastered you automatically go up 2-3 levels. Pay attention to the drama’s of your life that have the same theme as God/Spirit/Universe maybe trying to tell you something. Don’t get caught up in the upheaval of how the message presents itself, focus directly on the message, otherwise it will come back round to bite you in the butt. I used to negate my primal desires as I could’t see how I could create a life filled with freedom & creativity. I was scared, fearful & unknowingly lacking faith! The issue of independency has been a re-occurring theme in my life. Whats yours?

© Serena Weithers, 2015

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