Lateness Isn't Greatness! Why Time Management Is So Important...








If your anything like me then you like to do things in your own sweet time...Only to then start running around like a headless chicken cussing badword! 


Arriving at your destination sweaty, smelly or unprepared to maximise the days potential is not only distressing but unnecessary. 

Your a free spirit you say...a time-optimist...I get it girlfriend believe me I do...But committing to this way of thinking is only gonna get you nowhere or somewhere very slow at best.


Time management isn't as glamorous as arriving to your destination ‘fashionably late’ but I’ll tell you something for free, when you execute time management effectively you create a lasting impression on those around you that is ten times more compelling than ‘making an entrance.’ 


When you are punctual, you are perceived as trust worthy, reliable & dependable. 

This is great when attempting to advance within your employment or when the opportunity to ask for more coins arrives. ;0)


Time management reduces stress, dissuades others from perceiving you as flaky & ultimately keeps you looking fabulous!


A woman that is on schedule projects an image of togetherness; she’s responsible, a high achiever, a bwoss bish! 


Time management is a skill. 

Just like muscle a skill can be honed and developed; flex on your competitors/haters by utilising your time to organise & successfully accomplish your goals within your life. 



Be Bold. 

Be Prepared. 

Be Punctual.

Be Successful. 

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