Fix It Jesus! Asking For Help…





When you think he cheating…ask for help!


When your about to go to jail for hurting somebody (proverbially speaking of course ;0)…ask for help!


If your moneys lowASK FOR HELP!




Divine assistance is always on hand to help, all you gotta do is ask;

It’s really that simple!

Its so simple that you don't even have to be a believer. 

All you need is an open mind, a little willingness & a little patience for the cosmos to do its thang.


Before you know it, help has arrived and all is back to being blissful.


End of post.



Bwahahaha….I’m just kidding.



I’m not a religious person, however I do believe that the bible holds some truth, one truth being that human beings have free will to create/partake and instigate all/anything we desire. 

With this being said, God/Higher Self/Universe/Angels/Ancestors cannot & will not interfere or assist us in our lives unless we use our free will & ASK (The only exception being if you were in life threatening danger and were at risk of transitioning before your time).


Asking for help does not have to be a long strung out rendition of a plea, a simple “Lord, help me” will suffice. Although it is always best to be specific. 

The ‘Lord, help me’ or fix it Jesus phrase will get your tongue rolling and mind in motion to express your requirements.



I always ask for divine assistance & I always receive the help I seek. 

That being said, be prepared for results, when you ask for help, you will get help!



So what are you waiting for?  

Do it now!

What could do with some improvement in your life?


Ask the Divine for its help…You’ll be happy you did...

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