Seeing Green! What Your Jealousy Is Trying To Tell You…






Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are filled with memes addressing jealous, envious people. You may see a meme that looks like this:



Or even this:





Although some of these memes are humorous, what do we do when we become the ‘Hater?’


First things first, Jealousy is an emotion, our emotions act as indicators to how we feel about what or who is stimulating us. 


Jealousy is often viewed as a pessimistic feeling, however when we look at it from a higher perspective, it can reveal to us the areas within our lives that need to be cultivated.


When people are jealous, it is has nothing to do with the object of their emotion but rather how they view themselves. Jealousy is the emotion of not feeling worthy or validated. It is the feeling of failing to make it as good as we perceive another to be doing. 

The anger, sadness or frustration individuals feel towards the unfulfilment within their lives is the resentment that they direct to others. This tends to be at individuals that they feel are more successful than they are, whether in money, love or career.


So if you find yourself the primary target of someones smear campaign, stay strong in the realisation that you have or are doing something that the other person admires or wishes to have for themselves.




However, if it’s you that is the ‘hater’ then take a moment to reflect on what is it that the other person has or is doing that is creating your jealously. This could be your spirits way of getting your attention so that you can now focus on whats most meaningful to you.



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