No Means No!….Or does It?





Take a moment to think & honestly answer the questions that I’m about to ask you.


When asked to perform a favour, lend money or do anything else that doesn’t morally sit right with you; do you say ‘yes’ when deep down you mean no?

How about if you say no, only to feel guilty for doing so or bending under pressure designed to change your mind. I guess the question that I’m really asking is…


Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ when what you really mean is no!




Once you’ve said or done the opposite to what you really believe, how do you feel?


More than likely you feel like shit! 


Wanna know why?


This is because you lack resolve, your boundaries are weak & with a little pressure you give your power away by putting someone else’s desires before your own!!

This makes your word flimsy & questionable. 

This is why people will continue to push for you to meet their requests as they inherently know that your weak boundary is subject to change with a bit of teeny-weeny convincing.


If we neglect to strengthen our resolve we essentially become a door mat for others. 

These individuals will undoubtedly continue to push & manipulate you if you continue to give them your power by placing their needs in front of you own.






Now, please understand that I’m not talking about ignoring helping those who need your support. 


So what am I talking about?


An example of this would be giving cash to a friend who recently lost their job in order for him/her to feed themselves or their family, whilst you have to delay your bi-weekly hair/nail appointment.

But if you are being coerced into having sex, taking drugs, or giving up your money by those around you then it’s time to sit down & deeply evaluate whats occurring to you.


Strengthening boundaries is one of the most difficult things to do as you have to believe that your worth protecting. Boundaries prevent others from taking advantage of you but you have to love yourself enough to enforce them.


Whether it takes a moment, a month or a lifetime, take your power back! Take it back so that you may create & live a life based solely on what you want to do not what others have twisted your arm to do.


Strengthen your resolve until others recognise that your word is bond.








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