Ugggggh! I fucking hate my life sometimes! Why, does it have to be soooo fucking hard at times!

Just when things appear to be moving nicely, it seems as if the rug gets pulled from beneath my feet.

Sometimes I feel as if I can’t go on, I want to quit and find a corner somewhere to die. (Apparently I’m a drama Queen! ;0)

Overwhelmed by my unfulfilled desires, fears and God knows what else; occasionally I just want to pull my wig off and throw my hands up in the air as if Im throwing up gang signs.


Have you ever felt the same? Can you relate to my pain? How do you deal with life’s shenanigans?









“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” - Thomas Jefferson


Every instant, day, month or year are all perfectly timed moments for us to release our past by recreating something brand new right here, right now!

What experiences would you like to receive this year?

What are your true heart’s desires?

Would you like to launch a business or change careers? Lose weight or travel more? Or maybe you just aspire to spend more time with family & friends; whichever the case may be, GO FOR IT!  








“Nobody loves me” were the words she uttered that almost sent me into cardiac arrest.

“Why, would you say that?” I replied empathetically.

“Because nobody does!” she responded nonchalantly.


As her words commenced to digest, I began pondering on the frequency and prevalence of this devastating belief.


How many of us feel this way? Is this your current perception of life?

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